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The Checkpoint issue #4 – AI art news and inspiration

Unlimited Dream Co.
Unlimited Dream Co.
Welcome to The Checkpoint, a hand-picked selection of AI art news, resources and inspiration. Curated by Unlimited Dream Co. and published weekly.

European research laboratory (Pytti)
European research laboratory (Pytti)
DALLE2-pytorch – The amazing Lucidrains (Phil Wang) has started an open-source implementation of DALLE2. Still a long way to go, but very exciting news.
Pytti tools v0.10 released – Big update to my favourite notebook. New features include audio reactivity, new Clip model and more.
MyStyle – New new model from Google Research and Tel-Aviv University able to perform face-based image in-painting, super-resolution and editing.
NVIDIA NeRF – A neural rendering model that learns a high-resolution 3D scene in seconds — and can render images of that scene in a few milliseconds. Press release | Github | Colab
PHORHUM – New from Google, create fully animatable 3D human models from a single photo.
multimodal ai art
AI art reminds me of the evolution of console graphics. There are some generated images that last year I thought were mindblowing and revisiting I feel the same as when I revisit a PS1 game I thought ultra-realistic as a kid

the difference is that we get a new console every week
Featured notebook – TortoiSe
New text-to-speech model with a focus on quality. I’m fascinated by the idea of potentially being able to explore the latent vector of sounds, for example blending between different voices mid-speech.
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Featured AI artist – @DMTFL_AI
An early adopter of VQGAN+CLIP, @DMTFL_AI creates animations and artworks that give classic 20th century abstract expressionism a Vaporwave twist.
Genovese Generatives (24 Styles by Vito Genovese) (@DMTFL_AI) | Twitter
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