The Checkpoint

By Unlimited Dream Co.

The Checkpoint - Issue #14



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Unlimited Dream Co.
Unlimited Dream Co.
Welcome to the latest Checkpoint, featuring four new custom DD models, demoireing, human-scene synthesis, StyleGAN manipulation, an important anniversary and a very derpy cat.

What's new
More custom-trained Disco Diffusion models from @KaliYuga_aiWatercolor Diffusion, Lithography Diffusion, Medieval Diffusion and Textile Diffusion.
Ultra-high-definition image demoiréing (UHDM) – New model that can remove the moire pattern you get when taking a photo of a screen. Project page, Github, paper.
Compositional human-scene interaction synthesis with semantic control (COINS) – Given a 3D scene and a text instruction, COINS can generate realistic human interaction with that scene. Project page, Github.
Counterfactual Image Manipulation via CLIP (CF-CLIP) – A new method for accurately editing StyleGAN-generated images with CLIP. Github, Paper.
Rivers Have Wings
It's one year to the day since I got my first batch of good CLIP Guided Diffusion outputs! I wrote the public notebook, "CLIP Guided Diffusion HQ 256x256", the next day. The prompt was "Desert dynamism by Giacomo Balla".

(Notebook link:
Featured notebook – CogVideo
Demo videos
Demo videos
The code for the most powerful open source text-to-video model is now available. It requires a serious GPU, such as an A100, but is also available to try out with Hugging Face Spaces.
Get it:
My attempt was… less successful:
A yawning cat!?!
A yawning cat!?!
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Unlimited Dream Co.
Unlimited Dream Co. @unltd_dream_co

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