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The Checkpoint #6 – Scene-stealing blobs and glitchy symphonies

Unlimited Dream Co.
Unlimited Dream Co.
Welcome to this week’s checkpoint, featuring AI princesses, blobs that can rearrange rooms, new animation tools, mad soundtracks and more - hope you enjoy!

News & articles
Latent Princess Generator – Not just for princesses, this is a new general-purpose Clip-guided latent diffusion approach from @dango233 @multimodalart which produces excellent results.
Centipede Diffusion update – I’ve featured this notebook a lot, but it’s just so good. Latest release sees a new UI for precisely selecting where to inpaint. Definitely worth checking out.
Thin-Plate Spline Motion Model for Image Animation – Cryptic name, but can transfer motion from a video to a still image startlingly well – Colab, Github, Paper
SymphonyNet – Generate symphonic soundtracks to compliment your AI movies. Pretty cool, though the results do get more mad as they progress.
To my fellow AI artists: A lot of critics are going to tell you that you are not a 'real artist'.

When was the last time in your life that you were a part of the avant-garde, we are at the beginning of a revolution and you are part of it. Be proud. (1/3)

photo: @GANPRSN
Featured notebook – BlobGAN
BlobGAN: Spatially Disentangled Scene Representations
BlobGAN: Spatially Disentangled Scene Representations
Instead of generating an image as a whole, BlobGAN constructs scenes from depth-arranged ‘blobs’ of elements. The upshot is that by moving and resizing a blob, the network moves and resizes a wardrobe in your bedroom scene, for example.
The interface for editing blobs is tricky and the ability to upload custom scenes hasn’t been released yet, but it works well as a first release. This kind of feature built into something like Photoshop would be huge.
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