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The Checkpoint #5 – Weekly AI art news and inspiration

Unlimited Dream Co.
Unlimited Dream Co.
Welcome to The Checkpoint, a hand-picked selection of AI art news, resources and inspiration. Curated by Unlimited Dream Co. and published weekly.

Charles Babbage vs William Morris
Charles Babbage vs William Morris
News & articles
Multi-Perceptor VQGAN + CLIP Big update to @remi_durant’s VQGAN notebook. Here’s a rundown of the new features. Going to enjoy experimenting with this one.
Writing good VQGAN+CLIP prompts part three: environmental modifiers – How to use environmental modifiers such as materials, lighting and surroundings to further refine your AI generated images.
CLIP Forge – New model from Autodesk able to create three-dimensional shapes from text prompts.
DALL-E Mini training now at 50% – Try it out now on Huggingfaces.
Centipede Diffusion update – Now with inpainting to produce more detailed images at each step.
Morph 🧠
When did you first get into making ai-art and who/what got you started?
Featured notebook – DALL-E Flow
Bioluminescent skyscraper by Denys Lasdun
Bioluminescent skyscraper by Denys Lasdun
A an interactive workflow from Jina AI for generating high-definition images from text prompts. Images are created with DALL-E Mini and ranked by Clip as to how closely the results match the prompt. The user chooses the best result, GLID3 then creates variations of it and the final selection is upscaled with SwinIR. Can be quite slow because it relies on an external server, but the workflow feels like a sort of alternative Midjourney.
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