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The Checkpoint #15 – Latest AI art news from Unlimited Dream Co.

Unlimited Dream Co.
Unlimited Dream Co.
Welcome to the latest Checkpoint, featuring Stable Diffusion, DD animation previews, human radiance fields, animated avatars, clip-guided DD fine-tuning, an interview with Makeitrad and lots more.

The Electric Monk / Stable Diffusion
The Electric Monk / Stable Diffusion
What's new
Stable Diffusion – The best text-to-image AI model is now in open beta (sorry Dall-E 2), and will be open sourced soon. Sign up if you haven’t already, it’s really very good.
Animation Preview – New from @pharmapsychotic, a notebook to quickly preview camera moves in Disco Diffusion, without having to wait ages for the full video to render.
Anything Diffusion – A notebook to fine-tune your own diffusion model, but instead of having to find your own images, why not use Clip to do it for you.
NeuMan: Neural human radiance field from a single video – A model that can create both a 3D scene and a re-posable human model from a single video. Super useful for AR. Github.
ImageSplit – Handy tool to quickly slice your Stable Diffusion renders.
InvisibiliTee – William Gibson’s Zero History gets closer to reality with a t-shirt that cloaks the wearer from person tracking systems. Github.
MegaPortraits: One-shot megapixel neural head avatars – Looks much better than First Order Motion Animation, but sadly no code yet.
Keypoint NeRF – Neural radiance fields for Avatars. Give it a couple of photos and it’ll generate a fully 3D volumetric model of your face.
Paint2Pix – Interactive painting and image synthesis model that predicts what the user wants to draw. Basically, the model will take your rough brushstrokes and turn them into photorealistic results. Try the demo.
Featured artist – Makeitrad
A creative and live action director, Makeitrad has been working in the commercial design field for around 20 years. His work is an innovative mix of 3D animation, StyleGAN interpolation and detailed Diffusion images that combine synthetic and organic forms.
I caught up with him via email to discover more about his process, what he’s working on, how he discovered AI art and what it means to him.
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