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The Checkpoint #12 – This week in AI art including a guide to latent space, mini mini Dall-e, guess the prompt and wonky cats

Unlimited Dream Co.
Unlimited Dream Co.
Welcome to this week’s Checkpoint, featuring a deep-dive into latent space, guess the prompt, run Dall-E locally, fine-tune your own Disco Diffusion and follow the progress of next-gen AI models.

Explosion at the paint factory / Pytti
Explosion at the paint factory / Pytti
What's new
A traveler’s guide to the latent space – A hugely useful guide to Disco Diffusion from @Ethan_smith_20, covering everything from prompt engineering to deep-dives on the various settings & parameters. Recommended.
Wordalle – Guess the prompt!
Min Dalle – Even more minimal implementation of Dalle-Mini, mini enough to fit on an M1 Pro.
Elucidating the design space of diffusion-based generative models – New state-of-the-art in text-to-image generation. Currently being implemented by Lucidrains as Imagen PyTorch and @RiversHaveWings as k-diffusion.
Training your own unconditional diffusion model (with minimal coding)Great article from @KaliYuga_ai on how to create your own custom Disco Diffusion model.
Secret Project
My face when my friends tell me AI is not an art and anyone can do it
Featured notebook – CogView2
A confused cat reading a book
A confused cat reading a book
Announced a few weeks ago, CogView2 is the largest model publicly available. It’s similar to Imagen and Dall-E 2, though the results aren’t quite as good. And the code is publicly available, unlike the others.
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Unlimited Dream Co.
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