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By Unlimited Dream Co.

The Checkpoint #11 – The week in AI art



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Unlimited Dream Co.
Unlimited Dream Co.
Welcome to this week’s Checkpoint, featuring pulp sci-fi diffusion, text-to-3D, how to train your AI, StyleGAN opposites and the life and soul of the Parti.

White roses / Pytti
White roses / Pytti
What's new
ContraCLIP – An interesting StyleGAN+Clip model able to move between two contrasting sentence pairs, for example “a picture of a person with open eyes.” → “a picture of a person with closed eyes.” 
Parti pooper – Google announce another text-to-image model called Parti, which from the examples looks like it can create impressive results. However, sadly, they’ve decided not to make the code, models or data public.
CLIPMesh-SMPLX – Four text-to-3D models covering character design, expressions and poses.
Training custom AI generative modelsComprehensive collection of resources on training AI models by @pharmapsychotic.
Janelle Shane
Stunning transcript proving that GPT-3 may be secretly a squirrel.
GPT-3 wrote the text in green, completly unedited!
Featured notebook – Pulp Sci-Fi Diffusion
Robot cat in a cyberpunk city
Robot cat in a cyberpunk city
New from @KaliYuga_ai, a Disco Diffusion model fine-tuned on pulp sci-fi images.
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Unlimited Dream Co.
Unlimited Dream Co. @unltd_dream_co

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