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Checkpoint #9 – The week in AI art: Pixels, composable images, full humans and smooth animation

Unlimited Dream Co.
Unlimited Dream Co.
Welcome to this week’s Checkpoint, featuring pixel art generation, smooth animation, full-human images, a model that understands where things are in a scene and much more.

News & articles
The AI that creates any picture you want, explained
The AI that creates any picture you want, explained
The text-to-image revolution, explained – Excellent videos from Vox explaining the whole AI art thing. So good to see such excellent artists featured so prominently.
Text2Human – Text-to-image generator for full human image generation. Given a pose, it’s able to generate diverse, high quality images of people with a wide range of clothing and styles. Huggingface Space | Paper.
Composable Diffusion – Diffusion model that understands spatial relationships between elements in the prompt. For example ‘A red car parked in a desert and hills behind the car and aurora in the sky’. Colab | Paper.
Disco Diffusion 5.2 WarpFusionVariant of Disco Diffusion from @devdef which uses optical flow to create much smoother animations.
 JAX Diffusion 2.1 – Fantastic update from @huemin_art that enables much larger than normal images to be created by automatically stitching together smaller ones.
@huemin_art @EnzymeZoo @snecc_art Thank you for letting me beta test and sharing ideas and thoughts! Here are some examples I have made so people can see the strengths of this notebook.
Randall Munroe
The DALL·E image generator can produce spectacular visuals, but really stumbles over text. As a result, the tourism posters it comes up with are extremely good. Visit scenic Colado! #dalle
Featured notebook – Pixel Art Diffusion
Floral pattern by James Jean and William Morris, #pixelart
Floral pattern by James Jean and William Morris, #pixelart
Pixel Art Diffusion by @KaliYuga_ai is a flavour of Disco Diffusion with a custom model trained on pixel art landscapes. The result is an output with a fun pixel art aesthetic. The results aren’t true pixel images, but it’s a great starting point and can always be further processed using something like
Get it:
Settings comparison by @KaliYuga_ai
Settings comparison by @KaliYuga_ai
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